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Photo By: Chelsae Erica Smith (NashBashCollective)

...“My fear is, by the time the Granite State decides to figure out what to do with Senie Hunt and his percussive psalms and hypnotic talents, he will have already moved on in the world to be seen and heard. He’s that good. Do yourself a favor. Find this man. You won’t regret it. “

--Rob Azevedo, writer and radio host of the music series “Granite State of Mind.

..."Senie is a guitar master and innovator. His percussive style ranges dulcet melodies to tribal rhythms...Senie’s music leaves its listener completely soothed and wanting more."

--Scott Heron, musician, radio host and founder of "Folk New Hampshire." 

Senie Hunt, a self-taught singer-songwriter and percussive guitarist, embarked on a remarkable journey from Sierra Leone to the United States. Alongside his twin sister, he was adopted and brought his profound love for West African rhythms and percussion to his new home. Having endured the hardships of Sierra Leone's Diamond wars during his early childhood, Senie sought solace in the enchanting beats of the djembe drum, allowing him to creatively process his traumas.


Upon arriving in America, Senie's father introduced him to the guitar, igniting a wave of experimentation where he skillfully merged traditional guitar styles with a captivating percussive groove, a testament to his West African heritage. Drawing inspiration from esteemed musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, The Allman Brothers, as well as later influences such as Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, and Andy McKee, Senie honed his craft by meticulously studying live performances.


Showcasing a mesmerizing approach and unique style, Senie captivates audiences with his live looping, crafting performances that are a captivating blend of eclecticism, power, and artistic finesse. Despite his youth, Senie has amassed an impressive body of work, continuously composing and pushing creative boundaries.


Recognized for his mastery of the guitar, Senie was honored with the Innovators award at the GSM Music Awards. Additionally, his remarkable talent earned him nominations for Best Male Performer of the Year in 2021 and the Rising Star award in 2022 at the esteemed New England Music Awards. His career highlights includes being the opening act for renowned artists such as Richard Thompson, The Levin Brothers, Brooks Young, Daby Touré, Kris Allen, Robert Randolph, The Wailers, and Recycled Percussions.

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